Want to spend a month in Israel this summer? Look no further!

With LiveTLV, you will spend one month in Israel volunteering in the community in a field of your choice, where your passion and drive will fuel your work.


TEL  AVIV! – Live in a great Israeli apartment on Trumpledor Street, just a few minutes walk away from the famous Dizengoff Center, close to great restaurants, bars, and of course the beach!

The Simplest, Easiest, and Most Affordable Way To Get Back To Israel!

LiveTLV offers the perfect blend of structure and freedom to explore Israel on your own while enjoying a rich program itinerary.

Volunteer options include: working with children, human rights, special needs, animal welfare, co existence, refugee center, and more!

For more details Call now: 1-866-599-2534

send e-mail: wujsr@youngjudaea.org.il




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