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Over the next decade, we seek to double the number of Young Judaeans to over 10,000 participants per year – and we need your help to make that happen! That’s why we are building a sustainable alumni organization to nurture the lifelong journey of Judaeans from age 7 to 107. Our goal is to both connect with one another, and help inspire, advise, engage and support the next generation of Judaeans.

You – the alumni of Young Judaea’s programs and experiences – along with your friends and family, are the lifeblood of our organization. You are role models for our youth and ambassadors for our organization. The friendships and lessons learned in Young Judaea last a lifetime, and we hope your involvement in helping future generations of Judaeans does, too.

Make an impact on Young Judaea by making a donation. In addition, you can give your time and skills towards building our future. Learn more about the many ways you can get involved!

For more information please contact Jeffrey Cahn, Director of Development and Alumni Relations at

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