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Summer ProgramsBring back that summer feeling

By Adina Frydman, CEO of Young Judaea Global As we turn the page on summer and try to hold on Read More.

Year Course 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me – Ariel Magal

Get to know our new Director of Year Course, Ariel Magal!

Year Course Moving towards a Universal Gap Year

Reposted from the Times of Israel in response to “Can a year in Israel transf...

Year Course Year Course’s First Social Entrepreneurship Hackathon

This January over a period of 10 weeks, the Yama (Tel Aviv based group) of Young...

Year Course Year Course ’21-’22 Update!

Year Course 2021-2022 has been in Israel for a little over the month and they...

Year Course Turning Strangers Into Family Year Course 20-21

Written by Yael Berezdivin for the Year Course 20-21 Graduation Ceremony I grew ...

Year Course Video D’var Chag: Who Will you be This Year?