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getting started

Applying to Amirim

How Do I Apply?

Register via our online application and pay the $50 non-refundable deposit. You will be contacted shortly after for an interview. Following your interview and review of your application, you will be notified via e-mail of acceptance and begin your internship placement process.

Who is eligible for Amirim?

Amirim participants are college-age self-identifying Jewish students and young professionals between the ages of 18 and 26 who come from North America, Europe, and around the world.

Is this program right for me?

Amirim is a great opportunity to explore Israel, immerse yourself in Israeli society, and grow independently. This program is also perfect if you are searching for a meaningful internship experience.


How Does Placement Work?

After completing an interview with our internship coordinator for the program, you will receive options for your internship. After reviewing the relevant options together, the internship coordinator will send your resume to the ones you liked most. They will review your resume and determine if you are a good fit to join their team. If so you will be invited for an interview which hopefully will result in a great match!

Is My Internship Placement Mandatory?

Yes! Amirim participants choose our program for the excellent internship opportunities that we offer and we expect all participants to attend their internships full-time while in Israel.

How Long Does the Placement Process Take?

It can take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months to find the right internship placement that fits both you and the employer. You may need to interview at multiple placements before finding the best one, but our team is dedicated to securing the best option with you so don't feel deterred if it takes a little longer than you thought!

What Fields of Internship Do You Offer?

Your internship placement will depend on many factors, including: area of interest, experience, skills, availability, and more.

Our most popular internship fields include marketing, business, environment, politics, hi-tech, finance, and non-profit.

We also place interns in more focused areas, such as computer science, medicine, law, and more. These fields are harder to place without a degree.

In addition, while Hebrew language skills are not required and many companies work in English, being able to speak Hebrew can be helpful.

How Should I Dress For My Internship?

You should be prepared to dress business casual. However, you will probably find that most offices in Israel are more casual and relaxed than what you’re familiar with.

How Much Time Will I Spend in My Placement?

You will work for about 30 hours a week over 4-5 days.

The Program Experience

What Kind of Programming Is There?

Programming begins with a mandatory two-day orientation and ends with a day-long wrap up session. The first Shabbat of Amirim is one that we spend together.

During the program there will be multiple activities and trips provided by Young Judaea. Additionally, there are always free events provided by the Tel Aviv Municipality that are available to you to go on your own time.

Is Living in Tel Aviv Expensive?

Tel Aviv is like any cosmopolitan city. We recommend bringing between $500-700 for spending money throughout the program.

For example, if you wanted to go out to eat at a mid-range café or restaurant, it would probably cost you around 70 (NIS) shekel. If you wanted to get some falafel or shawarma (street food), that would only run you up around 35 shekel.

Who Are the Amirim Staff?

Your direct point of contact throughout the program will be your madrichim (counselors) who are all post-army and living nearby.

The Amirim rakezet (coordinator) oversees all of our summer student programming and will be regularly available throughout the week.

The internship coordinator will work with you prior to the start of the program and will continue to be involved in your experience once here.


What is included in the cost of the program?

Your internship placement, dorm-style housing, health insurance, trips, evening activities and bus pass.

What is not included in the cost?

Airfare, spending money for food, personal expenses, laundry service, Hebrew lessons, going out to bars, gifts, souvenirs, etc.

Are there scholarships available for the program?

We strongly recommend that you contact your local Jewish Federation, Jewish Community Center, synagogue, Hillel, and other local Jewish organizations for assistance.

Young Judaea offers a limited amount of financial aid and will consider applications on a case-by-case basis.


Where Will I Be Living?

All Amirim participants will live together at Beit Leni at 37 King George Street in Tel Aviv, which is centrally located near many restaurants, bars, shops, as well as 5-10 minutes from Dizengoff Center, Carmel Market, the beach, and much more.

What Are the Dorms Like?

Beit Leni is a secured building complex with multiple outdoor spaces. Each unit includes two bedrooms and a shared bathroom, common area, and kitchenette where they can cook their own meals.

How Many Roommates Will I have?

Amirim participants will share their bedroom with one other participant, and there are two bedrooms per unit.

What Amenities are Available?

The dorm is in a neighborhood with self-service laundromats, markets, gyms, and more.


How Does Health Insurance Work?

You will be provided with basic health insurance. If you are sick, you will inform your counselor and they will help you make an appointment in the event that you need to see a doctor. If you need to miss time for your internship due to illness or injury, you must also inform your employer and get a sick note from the doctor.

What Doesn't My Health Insurance Cover?

Many pre-existing conditions, alcohol or drug-related incidents, or treatment required for any condition while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will not be covered by the health insurance provided. This is a limited list—you can reach out directly to the staff with any specific coverage questions.

Participants with pre-existing conditions will need to acquire a supplemental insurance plan.


Can I Travel Abroad During Amirim?

No, you must stay in Israel during the program.

Family/Friends are Visiting - Can I take a Break from my internship?

During the week, you will have ample free time to meet up with family and friends, but you cannot miss internship time to do so.

Are There Any Places I Cannot Go in Israel?

You may not visit Areas A and B in the West Bank. You are allowed to visit Area C only after signing a waiver with Young Judaea. More detailed information will be communicated upon arrival.

Do I Need a Visa to Enter the Country?

No, you do not need a visa during your stay because you are doing an internship on a voluntary basis, a tourist visa is given to you upon entry to the country.

Can I Arrive Before the Program Starts, or Stay After?

You are welcome to arrive early or extend your stay in Israel, but Young Judaea will only provide you with accommodations during the dates of the program.

What Do I Do About a Cell Phone?

All Amirim participants MUST have a cell phone.

There are many short-term cell phone service options available in Israel. Our recommendations for the easiest choices are in the pre-program information packet.

What is the Security Protocol?

All participants will receive a security explanation within the first few days of the program, as part of the program orientation. Safety and security rules and regulations are explained in depth. In particular, participants will be told what actions to take in the event of an emergency.

Can I Participate on Amirim if I have Israeli citizenship?

Yes, but you are responsible for arranging the required documentation neccesssarry to ensure that you are living inIsrael legally. We recommend reaching out to your local Israeli consulate to get more information about your status in Israel. ngtyoumu

There are many short-term cell phone service options available in Israel. Our recommendations for the easiest choices are in the pre-program information packet.

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