March on Washington for Israel

From Civil Rights to Soviet Jewry to Standing with Israel –Young Judaeans Show Up

YJ Alum, Teens, Friends and Family:
Join us to march in support of Israel, to support the hostages, and to fight back against the rise of antisemitism. Now is the time.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023
1-3 PM (Gates open at 10am)
Washington DC National Mall
Click here for the march website

Judaeans, click to let us know you are coming!
(We will be sharing names of attendees so that you can coordinate with YJ friends, and we can provide you with the YJ meeting location)

College Students: Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC) is offering $250 reimbursement for college students to attend the rally on 11/14 in Washington, DC. Students just need to fill out the brief form below.  Again, ICC is offering $250 per student to attend the rally in Washington, DC. The form is linked here:

* Contact your local Jewish Federation for bus transportation information, or if you are interested in organizing your own bus reach out to us  we can connect you with a resource for a transportation subsidy

Interesting in taking a leadership role in this event? We are looking for YJ volunteers to organize groups to come to the march or post on social media at the event. Please contact if you have interest in one of these roles


Also join us for a…
Special-Pre March Event for Teens!

Let us know you’re coming for YJ Meeting Location

Program starts at 11:30am.
Sponsored by Root One. Partner Organizations include: American Zionist Youth Council, Prizmah, Foundation for Jewish Camp, Root One, Hillel International – list in formation

More information to follow. Contact with questions.


Check out whose coming to the march and coordinate with YJ friends! (this list will be updated daily)
Tell us you’re coming here

Leslie (Fried) Kupetstein
Don (Rogers) Cohen
maggie abrams
Margo Alpert
Amy Anderson
Jesse Artz
Robin Echt Axelrod
Madison Ballis
Joseph Barlia
Charlotte Barrios
Yuval Berger
Miriam Berkowitz-Blue
Talia Bodner
Alan Chebot
Negev Cohen
Felicia Dannick-Friedman
Evelyn Edwards
Rachel Eilbaum
Manya Ellenberg
Daley Epstein
Rachel Plafker Esrig
Allegra Levone
Eliana Estes
Canaan Estes
Mike Field
Adam Finkelstein
Tali Fiske
jesse flumen
Robin Freeman Nelson
Marcia Gabrilove Ladin
Nomi Gedzelman
Vivian Genn-Pittman
Jake Gewirtz
Sammy Gilbert
Max Gittelman
Josh Glazer
Lizzie Glick
Nina Gold
Talia Goldin
Rachel Goldstein
Mira Goldstein
Gabi Golubitsky
Karen Goodman
Avi Gordon
Farrah Grubman
sasha gutt
Miriam Hafkin
Elana Harris Schanzer
Ben Hochman
Namah Horton
Maddy Israel
Maya Jaffee
Toba & Elan Jamil
Peri Kaplan
Shayna Kardon
Maya Kardon
Michael Kastner
Rebecca Katzman
Heather Kibel
Miriam King
Fanny Korman
Erica Cohen
Seth Kornfeld
Joe Kornfeld
Brian Kravitz
Danielle Kroo
Daniel Kuhn
Jerry Kuperstein
Malia Langer
Amit Castel
Susan Lehrer
Andrea LempelFedermann
ari levine
Adina Frydman
Liat Levine-Salem
Janie Levitan
Barra Levy-Mazie
Leslie Lipson
Stephanie Luxenberg
Maayan Mitnick
lilly mitrani
Mindy Nagorsky-Israel
Mindy Opper
Natalie Pittman
Michelle Posner (Spindel)
Julie Powell
Ilana Preuss
Eitan Raucher
Alex Reich
Yael Rieger
Noa Rieger
Miriam Rieger
Talia Rosenbaum
Micha Rosenbaum
Adam Rosenzweig
Ella Rutman
Shari Sabath
Pnina Sasson
Risa Satlof Werblin
Liam Saxon
Elle Schanzer
Judy Schwartz Rodenstein
Gayl Selkin-Gutman
Michael Sherman
Jeremy Silberman
david Silversmith
Elizabeth Singer
Noah Slade
Noa Snyder
Sabrina Solomiany
Lauren Solomon
Taylor Wishnov
Sophie Sorkin
Heidi Steinberg
Marcy Steiner
Ana Susskind
Lisa Synalovski
Manny Synalovski
Molli Tobin
Melanie Topper
natalie turner
Fred Wachter
Wendy Wahn
stuart wallock
Adam Wasser
Monika Wasser
David Weinstein
Isaac WILK
Lori Zeligman
Eliana Zemel
Joseph Zeuner
Valerie Zundel