Our Philosophy

 We run our Young Judaea Dance Troupe, Lehakat Ruth based on the word TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves  More.  The result of this philosophy is that once you are a Young Judaea dancer, you have made friends with every  other dancer in the group.  Team building requires commitment from every member of the dance troupe, this  commitment is that each dancer commits to attending weekly rehearsals so that our TEAM, Lehakat Ruth, can  progress.  Just as you can’t rush the process of team development and bonding, you can’t rush the necessary  practice time to be ready to perform at the Israeli Dance Festival, and other venues, therefore weekly attendance at  our rehearsals is a mandatory requirement to be part of our Young Judaea Dance Troupe, Lehakat Ruth.

Repetition is the best teacher, which means that the more time our dancers have to rehearse together the better their performance.  Each of our fun, spirited rehearsals is for a different purpose.  We start out learning steps and combinations for our performance dances, and a repertoire of exciting Israeli dances.  The dancers learn choreographic skills, formations, staging, and performance technique as they progress through the process of creating and perfecting dances to perform.  With each rehearsal they learn to dance in sync, and to laugh together, both on and off the dance floor.  Performing at the Israeli Dance Festival is a highlight, but our dancers enjoy the rehearsals so much that after the Festival ends our Young Judaea dancers immediately ask,” When do we start rehearsal again for next year?”

This year, the troupe will take at least one field trip to learn more about Israeli dance and the influence that folk dance has on a culture.


About Sara Alter

 SARA ALTER has taught Israeli folk dance classes, special events, and workshops for more than 20 years.  Recognized for the joyful energy Sara brings to Israeli dance and other dance forms, her lively and friendly style  makes dance fun for everyone. Sara teaches children and adults at various schools, camps, and synagogues. She  leads Israeli Dancing and Line Dancing for bands and orchestras. For over 10 years Sara Alter has been the Director  and Choreographer for the Young Judaea Israeli Dance Troupe, Lehakat Ruth, a performance company of teenage  dancers for the past 10 years. You will also find Sara teaching Israeli Dancing at special programs for organizations  and community groups. Sara Alter enjoys teaching dance to all ages and says: “My youngest dancers are age 2 and  the ages I teach go all the way to 80 plus years young. Dancing is fun, makes us smile and feel great!”

About Jerri Blitzer

Jerri Blitzer is the second generation of a three generation Young Judaea Family.  Her years of involvement with Young Judaea as a youth lead to her strong belief in the importance of informal Educational Jewish Experiences for youth.  She was the Regional Bogrim Programmer for Young Judaea and upon her return from Year Course 1977-78 she continued her work in Young Judaea as the Western Coordinator of New England Young Judaea.  She has years of volunteer work in Programming for Jewish Youth and is pleased to be able to continue her involvement with the Young Judaea Dance Troupe.  Both her daughters were members of the Dance Troupe.  Her oldest daughter, Monica, is a member of an Israeli Dance Troupe at the University of Maryland.  Her youngest, Stephanie, is on Young Judaea’s Year Course Program in Israel.   Jerri believes that Israeli Dancing is a way for Youth to connect to their cultural and spiritual Jewish Identities.  Jerri is a Physical Therapist and runs a Private Practice that specializes in Dizziness and Balance Disorders.  This is her 5th year working with the Young  Judaea Dance Troupe.

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