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Message from the Young Judaea National Mazkirut

Today, Young Judaea joins the Jewish community in mourning the loss of a beloved Israeli hero. One of the founding fathers of Israel, Peres came over from Poland as a young boy and joined in fighting to create the state of Israel. Throughout his life, Peres made monumental contributions to the state. From instituting Israeli nuclear power to receiving the Nobel Peace prize for his role in the Oslo Accords, he is truly an inspiration. Shimon Peres was a leader who embodied much of what we value in Young Judaea, Strong leadership, the Zionist dream, and the pursuit of peace. His life’s work pushes us to continue our work as a Zionist youth movement.

As we learn to cope with this tragic loss, we can remember Peres’s words. “The most important thing in life is to dare. The most complicated thing in life is to be afraid. The smartest thing in the world is to try to be a moral person.” It’s now our duty to continue on his legacy and ask ourselves “What can we do to honor his memory?”

Message from Young Judaea Mishlachat

Shimon Peres  played a dual character: He was a man who knew a tragic crushing defeats, but also an optimist and incorrigible achiever. He was a provocative leader: on the one hand he was so admired, on the other he drew strong criticism.

Even for those who disagreed with Peres politically, no one can deny his life achievements.

Peres gave his entire heart and soul for his nation. Representatives from all over the world will come to Israel and honor the man he was.

The American flags were lowered to half staff in remembering our beloved leader. Lowering the flags for a foreign leader has occurred only 6 times in American history.

As the Shlichim of Young Judaea we remember Peres as Israel’s grandfather, the one that represents peace and love.  He was the symbol of Israel and we are proud to have grown up with him as a leader.

We invite you all to say what  you remember about Shimon Peres

-Sivan Raz and Sivan Azouri

A Message from the Consulate General of New York

Dear Friends

As Israel mourns its 9th president and former Prime Minister

Shimon Peres, the Consulate General of Israel in New York has opened a virtual condolence book for the benefit of those who wish to pay their respect and will not be able to do so by traveling to Israel or NYC.

Please find below the link to the website where you can write your message in your own words.


Arava & Peres

Members of Year Course 2005-2006 pose with Shimon Peres at a Tu B’shvat Ceremony in the Arava

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