I was born in Jerusalem but moved quickly to a new town (at the time) called Modi’in, as one of the first 100 families that lived there it was an experience to live as a teenagers with only one shopping center and lots of sand.

I spend most of my teen years in Modi’in, and as in all suburban cities, I had to create opportunities to entertain myself, I started to go to the “Tzofim” (the Israeli scouts).

Aside from in the Tzofim ,one of my major part of my life was music. After years of broken strings and practice, I now play bass guitar and electric guitar.

I tried to to combine my love for informal education and music and used the local community center and created the first music youth movement in Israel.  I was active in this program until I left for Boston.

During that time I  worked with many bands in Israel including: “Hadag Nachas” “Red Band” “Arik Berman” and many more.

In 2008 I began my service in the IDF  forces and served as a Combat engineer and in the Education corps – a thing that changed my way of thinking for things to come.

After completing my army service in 2011, I went straight Camp Young Judaea Texas to be the Shira Specialist, which marked my first relationship with Young Judaea, a relationship that led me to my decision to become a full time Shaliach for Young Judaea.

I truly believe in what Young Judaea is, everything that it is stands for, I do not think that working for a different organization would be the same.

Although I have am not a Judaean by birth,  I still feel like I have always been here, a family away from home.

You can reach Yoav at yoav.levin@youngjudaea.org 

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