Young Judaea is representing itself in the World Zionist Congress for the first time as an independent organization!

For the first time in decades, we at Young Judaea are now able to represent ourselves in the world.  Young Judaea has joined forces with other pluralistic non-partisan Zionist organizations under the banner “Zionist Spring,” working to fill as many seats in order to promote the Judaean agenda of Youth Empowerment, Pluralistic Ideals, and Increased Support for mifgashim among Israeli and non-Israeli Jews through programming around the world, advocating for more funding for youth movements, education and Aliyah.

Your vote for the Zionist Spring is a vote for Young Judaea:
our values, mission, and alumni who are running for seats in the World Zionist Congress.

The World Zionist Congress is the supreme institution and legislature of Theodore Herzl’s World Zionist Organization.  The Congress’s role centers around Israel-Diaspora relations, the centrality of Israel for the Jewish people, and the priority of Aliyah.  Those voted into seats at the World Zionist Congress work together to discuss and create the agenda for the Zionist world in Israel and abroad as well as designate major funds collected from Jewish Federations, independent WZO campaigns, and the Israeli government.

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