All participants on a Birthright Israel program are required to have valid health insurance that is acceptable in Israel. If you do not have your own policy or if your policy does not cover you abroad, you must arrange for temporary travelers insurance. You will be asked for your medical insurance policy number as part of your Personal Profile.

Should I purchase travelers insurance?

We highly recommend you purchase Traveler’s Insurance

There are benefits to having travelers insurance, including:

• Medication and contact lenses

 Insurance in case you miss the trip because your connecting flight is delayed

 Insurance in case you miss the trip due to a family medical emergency

 Insurance in case you baggage is lost, damaged, or stolen

We are pleased to offer Travel Guard travelers insurance. Ordering Travel Guard insurance can be done online in a matter of minutes. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Start by going to Travel Guard’s online ordering form.

  2. You will find many Travel Guard policy types listed, but there are only two policies that cover pre-existing health conditions. They are “ProtectAssist (Gold)” or “Cruise, Tour & Travel (Platinum)”. What’s the difference? The “Platinum” policy provides additional coverage and costs a little more as well. Either one will do.

  3. Once you select a policy type, you will be asked to enter the cost of the trip. Since the trip is free, you can enter exactly $0. If you are flying to the departure airport in North America and you want to insure the cost of your domestic flight you should enter that cost here. Similarly, if you are extending your stay in Israel or beyond, you can enter those costs as well if you want coverage for that period as well.

  4. The price of the insurance will ultimately depend on your age, state of residency, whether you want “gold” or “platinum” coverage, and whether you want to insure any extra travel costs. Typically, insurance prices are $30-$50 for your 10-day group trip with us.

This trip is a gift from Birthright Israel