Our Trips

As always, it’s going to be the a hot summer in Israel yet and we are psyched to let you know about our YJ trip options for the upcoming Birthright summer 2016 Season.

With dates all through the summer and some sizzling trips for you to choose from, we couldn’t be more excited to have you aboard.

To Israel Now – The Classic Trip

Our award-winning itinerary and approach sets the standard!

This is it! The trip you’ve heard so much about, our classic and original Birthright Trip guaranteed to give you the broadest and most complete picture of Israel and Israeli society. You’ll hit all the major sites – historic and of current interest, fall in love with Israel’s natural beauty and diverse population plus…have a serious amount of fun along the way. Climb the epic Masada and be greeted by an unforgettable sunrise over its ancient Roman fortress; try to keep your camera steady as you live tweet your experience on the back of a camel; soak up the sea, sights and sounds of Tel Aviv, the heart of the Israeli “start-up nation,” and place your hand on the Western Wall and feel connected in a truly awesome way.

Our classic trips are designed for people of all backgrounds who aren’t afraid to set out on the adventure of a lifetime. Make friends you will cherish forever as you fill your senses with the life, smells, tastes and sounds of Israel!

Personalized Trip Options

Our award-winning personalized trips let you explore the side of Israel that interests you most.

And remember: These trips may not be listed as options on the Primary Application, but you will be able to choose them on your Personal Profile.

New Age Israel

If you want to know how Israel can bring creative flow and harmony to artists, musicians, and independent thinkers then our “New Age” trip is perfect for you. Your itinerary includes all the sights and sounds that make a Birthright trip special, while providing an extra emphasis on exploring how the diverse sub-cultures that exist within Israeli society have expressed themselves from ancient times all the way through to the modern day.

Some of the things you can look forward to seeing are the urban artwork, ethnic music scene, and alternative medicine practices that have contributed to making life in Israel diverse, robust, and stimulating.

Travel with family and friends

Valuing family is a pillar of Israeli society. We continue this tradition with our “Family & Friends” Birthright Israel trip. This itinerary combines our classic trip with the ability to travel with those who are already closest to you. You’ll room, tour and have the time of your lives with your friends or family members and make your Birthright Trip as personal as it can be! Israel will open itself up in special ways when you share your experience with a sibling, cousin or best-friend that can already relate to you.

Travel with people from your campus

Our campus trips allow you to share this journey of a lifetime with other students at your college campus. Besides taking this journey with friends, it’s also a great opportunity to make new friendships that can expand your social circles back at college!  Our college trips are also an opportunity to build deeper connections with students and exchange of ideas and have meaningful group conversations about shared identity.

We currently have the following campus trips scheduled:

Tel Aviv Experience

Tel Aviv is at the heart of modern Israel. From the sub-culture of urban street art all the way to cutting edge technology, Tel Aviv has it all. Participants on this trip will spend three days intensively touring the city and exploring the diverse ways in which modern Israel contributes to all aspects of modernity. Yes… You’ll still visit the Western Wall, float on the Dead Sea, get all spiritual in Safed and do all of the things you’ve heard so much about from your friends– but with the TLV Experience you’ll have the time to see and enjoy more of the beach, night life, music, street art and chilled out, cosmopolitan vibe that makes Tel Aviv one of the most happening places on the globe! This candid look “underneath the hood” at the engine that drives the Jewish state in the modern day brings the wealth of science, history, and culture of today’s Judaism into sharp focus. For those seeking a more intimate understanding of key aspects of Israeli society, this trip is for you.

LGBT- Israel Pride

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Israel surrounded by other participants from the LGBTQ community. You will have the chance to be in Tel Aviv for the Gay Pride Parade and learn about issues facing the LGBTQ community in Israel.

Birthright Plus: Sand Soul and Sun (Available in Summer Only)

This is a 14 day trip where you get the classic 10-day Birthright experience PLUS 4 days on a Kibbutz where you will learn how current Israelis handle the changing social, environmental, and economical challenges while also having the chance to soak up the sun in Eilat , a beautiful vacation area in Israel. The only cost to you for four days all inclusive food, board and touring – $250!

YJ Dates- Choose your trip!

Departure Returnes Age Trip Flights
5/15 5/26 18-22 Classic JFK
5/16 5/26 18-22 Georgia JFK
5/18 5/29 18-26 Family&Friends JFK
5/18 5/29 18-26 New Age JFK
5/18 5/29 18-22 Tulane JFK
5/22 6/2 18-22 Tulane EWR
5/22 6/2 18-26 Chavura JFK
5/29 6/8 18-22 TLV Exp. JFK
5/29 6/9 22-26 LGBTQ Israel Pride SFO
6/15 6/26 18-26 BR+ Sun and Soul JFK
6/19 6/29 18-26 Stanford SFO
6/19 6/29 22-26 TLV Exp. JFK
6/26 7/7 18-22 Classic JFK
7/4 7/14 22-26 Local Israel JFK
7/10 7/20 22-26 Seattle SFO
7/31 8/11 18-26 Family & Friends JFK