How it Works

STEP 1: Primary Application & Deposit

On registration day (February 2 for past applicants, February 3 for all applicants), go to Young Judaea’s page on the (we’ll send you the link on registration day as well) and click the red “Registration” button.

Start the “Primary Application” which includes 8 sections. Make sure you select “Young Judaea” as your trip provider!

Select your trip type and preferred travel month.

Submit a refundable $250 deposit online.

Note: We highly encourage all applicants to complete the Primary Application on the FIRST day of registration!

STEP 2: Personal Profile & Trip Dates

Between 24-48 hours of completing your Primary Application,  Young Judaea: To Israel Now will contact you with a link to our “Secondary Application.” (If you lose the link, you can access the secondary app here)

View and select actual trip dates. This is not final, just to give us an idea of your availability.

Tell us if you have anyone you specifically want to travel with.

Tell us about any medical or dietary restrictions.

STEP 3: Phone Interview

We will contact you to set up a time for a telephone-based interview.

The purpose of the interview is to make sure that you are eligible and to answer any and all of your questions.

Interviews can often take 2-3 weeks to complete depending on the number of registered applicants. The order in which you are interviewed has no impact on whether or not you are assigned a trip spot.

Learn about the requirements for going on Birthright.

STEP 4: Accept Your Trip

A few weeks after registration closes we begin to send out actual flight offers. Flight offers can expire, so if you are the recipient of one, make sure to confirm your acceptance within the time frame specified in the email.

To accept (or decline) a flight offer, you will need to login to your Secondary Application.

Get ready to go to Israel!

Do you have more questions? Call, tweet or DM us at 1-866-520-9993 or @toisraelnow

How Are Participants Selected?

Young Judaea assigns applicants to trips according to when you complete your application. We consider your application complete after you have fully finished the Primary Application, including submitting the refundable trip deposit. We recommend completing the Primary Application with Young Judaea on the first day of registration to give yourself the best chance of getting on the trip you want. All first-day applications will be treated the same no matter what time of day they are received. Additionally, priority trip selection status is granted to applicants who have applied in the past as well as applicants who are age 26 and about to age out of the program.