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“This has been the most incredible 10 days of my life. There was a near perfect balance of historical, spiritual, cultural, and social programming during the trip.”
– Jordan, Chicago

“This experience literally changed my life. YJ is like no other group – the learning is top-notch, the sites we visit are mind-boggling, and the time spent amongst my new friends is an experience that cannot be described in words.”
– Shane, West Virginia

“I have seen things I never thought possible, evoked emotions I did not even know were imaginable, learned immensely about my history, and made friends that will last a lifetime.”
– David, New York

“Not only has the trip allowed me to connect with Israel, I have also connected on another level with Judaism and I feel one with the religion as well as the traditions and customs that come along with it.”
– Jade, USA

“Very fortunate and blessed to be on this trip! I’m glad I got to do it, and I hope I have the chance to come back!”
– Brian , Ohio

“Having the soldiers there created a learning environment and changed my perspective on many things.”
– Sammy J, NJ

“I truly think this trip changed my life.”
– Jake, N.Dakota

“I had an amazing experience overall and did not expect to make such great friendships. The staff did a wonderful job. I am very grateful to be given this opportunity. I will definitely be returning to Israel in the near future.”
– Dani, L.A

“The dinner at the Israelis home was absolutely amazing and made me feel extremely welcome and connected to Israel.”
– Jasmine N.J