Meet the Team

Here at YJ we couldn’t be more excited to meet you and, of course, to bring you to Israel this summer! We have an awesome team ready to do all we can for you to ensure you have the best trip ever! Great to meet you!

Rafi Weisz
Director, YJ Birthright


Hi there, My name is Rafi when I’m not working as the YJ Birthright Director, I have my second full time job (or is it the first one?) – A proud father of 4 little children. Although it sounds challenging it’s a lot of fun!! Besides also being a tour guide who loves camping, I’m very proud to be part of an amazing organization that gets people to experience Israel in the most direct and honest way possible. I also love to get out and see this amazing and diverse country, with a fascinating and diverse community. Don’t miss out, Jump to Israel now!

Nadav Savaia
Educational Director


My name is Nadav and when I’m not working as the Director of Birthright Programs for Young Judaea I run, and make compost (not at the same time). If you do come with YJ I’ll be one of the first to welcome you at the airport along with your staff. The thing I’m mostly excited to show you in Israel is the graffiti tour in TLV- this allows you to have a glimpse of the reality here, beyond the selfie!

Irit Klein
Logistics Coordinator


Hi I’m Irit! A home grown Israeli who loves Yoga, travelling and believe it or not…science fiction! As the YJ Birthright Logistics Coordinator I am responsible for booking all of the activities, travel and accommodation that awaits you here in Israel…and trust me, it’s a busy, fun filled, inspiring journey you have waiting for you here- especially your days in Tel Aviv which absolutely rock! I look forward to meeting you in Israel and might even be there to welcome you when you arrive!

Chana Chalupski
YJ Birthright Registration Coordinator

Hi guys! I’m Chana, your jewelry making, music loving, Birthright Registration Coordinator!
It’s my pleasure to be your main point of contact before the trip to help you with the registration process from start to finish. Along with the awesome team here in the YJ call center I’m here 9 – 4 Eastern time to answer any questions you have! I can’t wait for you to visit Israel and have the time of your life! My favorite spot on your amazing itinerary is the city of Tzfat!

Lena Elkins
YJ Birthright Social Media Coordinator


Hi friends! I’m Lena, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but I now live in Tel Aviv. I’m an avid Zumba enthusiast and spend most of my time dreaming of Thai food and blogging. My favorite parts of Israel are the Tel Aviv beach, absolutely incredible food everywhere you go, and Israeli taxi drivers. You’ll be seeing me during your trip to learn more about how you can stay active with us on social media and how you can further your engagement with the YJ marketing team.