Specialty Options

In addition to being able to choose your courses and live in a number of different places during the course of Tochnit Shalem, you will also have the option of adding on two travel programs to complement your experience.

  • Olami

    The rich history of Israel is deeply influenced by other Jewish communities worldwide. Olami explores these connections with countries around the globe to discover how they shaped the creation of Israel and how Israel continues to shape them today. Open to all participants, Olami is an extension of the main Tochnit Shalem program. You’ll tour famous (and not-so-famous) sites, visit embassies, attend cultural and social events and meet your Jewish peers in each country to experience firsthand their relationship to our history and ours to theirs. This year’s topic is The Zionist Revolution and includes one-week trips to France, Eastern Europe, Morocco and Ethiopia. Learn more about Olami.

  • Kuma (journey to Poland)

    Kuma, the Dr. Marcia Robbins-Wilf Hadassah/Young Judaea Holocaust Studies Program, is an optional one-week journey to Poland. The trip offers an opportunity to look at the events surrounding the Holocaust through a Zionist prism, explore the rich heritage of Eastern European Jewry, bear witness to the tragedy, all while looking towards the future. Leading up to the trip, you’ll participate in seminars and complete assignments that will help prepare you for this life-changing experience. Learn more about Kuma.

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