Northeast Spring Convention 2015


Travel Information and Guidelines

Bus transportation will be automatically provided for those arriving by plane, free of cost. Please do not select the separate bus product if you are flying to/from convention.

The following are the bus times for convention.  Please note that at this stage, these times are still tentative and all bus times may be changed based on enrollment, scheduling with the bus company and the ending time of the parade.

NJ Bus Friday, May 29th

East Brunswick Jewish Center – 12:00pm

Newark Airport: 12:45

West Orange JCC – 1:30pm

New York Bus Friday, May 29th

Midway Jewish Center – Syosset NY – 11:30am

Asphalt Green, NYC – 12:30pm

White Plains, NY – 1:30pm

Buses will depart from Camp Tel Yehudah on Sunday, May 31st for the Celebrate Israel Parade – THERE WILL BE NO BUSES BACK TO TEL YEHUDAH. All buses will leave NYC and return to the same bus stops.  Times will be available once we receive our step off time from the Parade organizers as the departure from NYC is dependent upon completion of the parade.

• Participants planning to fly into Newark on May 29th should have their flights land no later than 11:30am and flights should depart after 6:00pm on Sunday, June 1st.

• Participants being driven to Camp Tel Yehudah, drop off time on Friday is no later than 4:00pm and pick up on Sunday is 9:00am.  Please note that Young Judaea discourages parents from allowing participants to drive themselves to convention.  However, we understand that this is the only option at times. Please contact Sharon Schoenfeld at prior to making these arrangements in order to receive guidelines and forms.

Other questions about registration or want to help? Email or call 917-595-2100 x2090.

Want to help or have questions about the convention program, contact us.

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