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QUALIFICATIONS: candidates need to have a Bachelor’s Degree and extensive experience in Jewish experiential education, Young Judaea or other youth movement, Jewish summer camping managing teens, and have supervisory experience. Candidates who are from or currently live in the New Orleans area are highly preferred, as well as those who participated in or have lead service-learning programs.  Candidate must also have driver’s license




  1. PRE-TRIP (September 1, 2016 – December 22, 2016)

  • Weekly hour long phone call with Director of Year Round (DYR) programs to update progress

  • Identifies new and confirms curren volunteer placements and meets in person with organizations to confirm volunteer projects

  • Liaise with Alumni committee regarding Alumni participation and gathering during the program

  • contacts all vendors (rental site, bus company, paid activities, etc) to confirm plans and payment methods

  • Works with DYR to develop final choveret for program (includes educational peulot, sikkum yom prompts, t’fillot, and group building activities)

  • After the staff is chosen, organization and implementation of staff conference calls as needed

  • works with DYR to create a “Staff Folder” to equip staff with the necessary information to supervise AWB

  • works with the “Rosh Trip” to create a “Va’ad Folder” to equip va’ad members with the necessary information to lead AWB

  • Finalizes Trip Schedule

  1. DURING TRIP (December 23, 2015 – December 30th, 2016)

  • stays with group at rental site and travels by car to each volunteer placement each day and personally supervises/oversees all aspects of the program (this is negotiable if person would like to stay at home)

  • supervises staff, runs daily staff meetings, including the night before the program begins (December 22nd)

  • liaison with the rental site, bus company, vendors and volunteer placements

  • mentors the “Rosh Trip” of the AWB va’ad related to the general running of AWB and for troubleshooting

  • manages major behavioral issues, determines with the New York office if dismissal is required

  • oversees the pick-up and drop off procedures at airport on arrival and departure days

  • responsible for coordinating with a staff member to send tweets, Facebook status updates, daily e-newsletters, uploading pictures to flixter and videos to YouTube

  • communicates with the New York office to handle parent communication

  • delegates the handing out of medications

  1. POST-TRIP (December 30th, 2016 – January 10, 2017)

  • ensures all teens on delayed or cancelled flights depart

  • completes staff evaluations

  • Fills out trip report

  • Submits all receipts and detailed expense report

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