Just a Little Bit Faster – Michael Rogatinsky

Michael Checks the Details… Baton Rouge

Today we worked with the Rebuilding Together organization in Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge was recently struck by severe flooding, and many people’s homes were damaged. Through this great organization, we got to help a man to move back into his house just a little bit faster. The 17 of us worked together to paint the inside of his house, and save time for the Rebuilding Together organization so they can move on to the next step in the process. Later in the day, after going back to the hotel for some rest, we went to the winter wonderland carnival. We all split up into groups and explored the park for a while. We rode rides, walked around, and talked for a while, all getting to know each other a bit better.

~ Michael Rogatinsky is an 11th grader from Hollywood Florida. This is his third AWB, and he is one of three Rogatinsky brothers that have taken part in AWB.