My Most Impactful Day – Shelby Scheck

Shelby (3rd from r) visits PATH (People Assisting the Homeless)

Today (Thursday) was probably the most impactful day of this service trip. So far as a group, we have observed and learned about homelessness, community, and environmental importance. Today we were exposed to the consequences of domestic violence. However, these consequences seemed nothing like consequences. I personally played with 4-11 year olds for the majority of the day and I would have never guessed that they had been dealing with a tough and untraditional life. They were the happiest kids who were not only disciplined, but were genuinely respectful of themselves and each other. While playing games with them, I closely observed the way they would talk to each other/the way they acted individually. I came to the conclusion that perhaps these kids might not even be aware of their sensitive lives, yet they still view the Alexandria House as a safe home and a privilege. One of the activities consisted of each child expressing their personal goals for the new and upcoming year. They surprisingly all said that they would love to be able to learn things like math, science, or a foreign language, and they wish to travel the world some day. When they were expressing these personal goals, I felt not only lucky to have such an amazing life, but I also felt happy for these kids who were all saved from a very difficult life and will grow to become successful individuals. Overall, this day definitely stood out among the trip and impacted me most in a way that will continue to stick with me for the rest of my life.

~ Shelby is an 11th grader from Miami, Florida