Why Choose AWB?

Do you want to take a break from school this winter break but also want to do something more meaningful than sitting around watching TV? AWB has it all -- fun, travel, new friends AND making a difference to those in need. It’s a win-win experience!

Here’s what teenagers just like you had to say about their experience on AWB!

  • “Thank you so much for this experience! It was the best trip I have ever taken and the most rewarding thing I have ever done! I truly hope I'll be back next year!!!!” -- Lailah Epstein, 16, Toronto

  • “AWB is six days full of fun, community service, friends and Judaism. You have so much fun in 6 days with so many awesome kids while doing 25 hours of meaningful community service.” – Brett Kleinman, 16, TX

  • “Sick of just sitting home all winter break? By signing up for AWB you're signing up for a great time, new friends, and an absolutely empowering experience.” – Michaela Davenport, 16, AZ

  • “AWB taught me so many life lessons in only one week of service, and I was truly a changed person afterward. Every high school student needs an experience like AWB.” – Anna, 17, NJ

  • “I had an absolutely incredible week!! Thank you all so much!! This experience really opened my eyes and helped me to see beyond my "New York Bubble," as my grandparents call it!” -- Shayna Roth, 17, NY

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