On this second volunteering day of Alternative Winter Break, Team Rebuild went to work with CSED in the Lower Ninth Ward. There we split up into different groups, each group going to a different site in the district. My group went to the home of a lovely woman who runs a library from her home, because all of the public libraries in the area were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina, and have not been rebuilt. While the work that we did was very impactful, significant, and useful, the most meaningful part of the trip for me was my experience with the full-time volunteers of the CSED, Warrenetta and Steve. They spoke about their experiences in New Orleans in the past nine years after Katrina. They both said that since shortly after the hurricane they’ve dedicated all of their time to volunteering. They both had very interesting as well as inspiring stories. This is my third AWB, my second in New Orleans. I worked with Warrenetta and Steve last year. They both remembered me from last year, which is amazing considering that they see thousands of volunteers a year. To know that people that I’ve thought so highly of this past year remembered me and were able to have conversations with me as if we were old friends has been one of the best feelings I’ve had in my three AWBs 

Ben Rosenbaum, 11th Grade, Mamaroneck, NY

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