Today, our team traveled on behalf of Greenlight New Orleans to the heart of where Hurricane Katrina had hit to build a garden and meet some terrific women.  Our first impression was how much Darlene, and her mother Betty, appreciated the opportunity to have some sustainable change in their yard. Betty loved to talk about her grandchildren and her great-granddaughter. Darlene directed the gardening and the donut and coffee making, a real surprise for us.

The garden, which we finished pretty quickly, looked pristine against the background of grass and flowers.  We knew that Darlene would be taking good care of her garden which is a pre-requisite of receiving the service from Greenlight. She already has plans on how she will take care of and enhance it.

Upon finishing the garden, we feasted on donuts and chicory coffee while their crazy little dog Bosephius jumped around and begged for a tiny bite.  One girl in our group interviewed Betty about their Katrina experience.  We learned how lucky they were. They lost a sewing machine and an armchair and had some roof damage.  They were extremely grateful for this luck. They did need to evacuate, but helpful neighbors guarded their home from looters.  One neighbor even sat on his roof with a rifle, protecting the homes of his neighbors, for whom he cared very much. 

Although the day was easy being Christmas eve, it was fun and filled with personal and sustainable impact.

~ Amos Pomp, 12th Grade, Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Mollie Toubin, 12th Grade, Dallas, Texas

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