Today was an interesting day.  For a change, my group stayed back at the hotel. I was really confused, but then I learned that we were tasked with wrapping over 160 gifts that my fellow participants and I bought and brought from home to distribute to the kids for whom we would be throwing a party later in the day. I learned how to wrap presents, a new, but very useful skill. After loading the bus, we headed to Hope Lodge,  a “home away from home” for those who need warm, caring, free accommodations during their cancer treatment at a New Orleans area medical facility.   At first, I was kind of scared because I am not the greatest at socializing with sick people.  Eventually, I worked up the nerve to speak with a man who was alone.  His name was Jose and he was nearly finished with his treatment.  He was an interesting older man who loves basketball and cooking, and thankfully for me, sports!

~ Matan Berman, 9th Grade, Atlanta, GA


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