Today was another awesome on AWB New Orleans.  After our early breakfast, my group. “Team Rebuild” got a quick start and headed off to our project of the day, Recirculating Farms Coalition.  Founded in 2009, the coalition is a collaborative group of farmers, educators, non-profit organizations and many others committed to building local sources of healthy, accessible food.  They are also working on a number of projects including the creation of artificial ecosystems and educating the residents of New Orleans about the benefits of a stronger commitment to agriculture.

Because the Coalition is a relatively new organization, they depend on volunteers to aid in setting up the location; and this is where we came in.  We were separated to focus on different tasks.  My group was responsible for painting a storage container that will be converted into a farmers market. Our task was to make the room more appealing and encourage the locals to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.  Other teens in the group cleaned and disinfected the green house, filling in holes that had been overflowing with water.  We learned that cleaning out the greenhouse was essential to prevent the infestation of aphids which are harmful to plants.

The experience was extremely valuable to me as it helped me to connect to the lives of the residents, especially those who are choosing to help rebuild their own community.  It showed that in New Orleans, the , people have been forced to work together in difficult conditions just to survive. I really admired how the leaders of the coalition are taking a huge and difficult step to provide solutions to the problems caused by Hurricane Katrina.

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