The Top Ten things about YJ’s AWB NOLA 2014

1. When we YJers take over the airport- If you didn’t already know, the New Orleans’ airport is really kind of small. Only one terminal. And we, we AWB, are a rather large group. When we all go to pick up our bags on Sunday, we will be the most rambunctious and hugging crazed group of kids New Orleans has ever seen. And the best part about it is, none of us will care what others think. As much as the madrichim try to shush us and tell us we are in a public space, we wont shut up, because we are just too excited about doing tikun olam.

2. Seeing friends- Whether its been since this summer, or summers past, there is nothing quite like seeing your YJ friends out of camp or other things. It is great to rekindle the best friendships in a swanky hotel or by changing the world, and lets be honest, NMW is too long away.

3. Not feeling like a goober for wearing any YJ/TY/AWB paraphernalia- I don’t know about you, but I love all of my TY shirts. But at home, I get a bunch of what’s TY? questions and I dont know how to describe it to them. So now that we are all together, we can all look like fools together.

4. Green Light- I may be the wrong person to speak about this project (since I never did it…hard to explain) but from what I hear, Green Light is an absolutely amazing experience within all the greatness of AWB.

5. Joel Srebernick (who actually knows how to spell his name) – One of the most sassiest, barista-iest, and smartest madrichs there are (they all are by the way) is going to be in New Orleans. It’ll be a hairy situation for sure. Of course he is a big goof ball, but he is also seriously great at talking about things that really matter and will definitely affect your trip; whether its by teaching you the ins and outs of an espresso or his thoughts on privilege is entirely up to you.

6. Getting community service hours- ever since high schools began wanting their students to be well-rounded individuals, finding a way to get enough community service hours has been kind of a pain. Well, you should thank AWB, because you get a whole 25 hours (or more) for your work on AWB!!

7. The kosher food in New Orleans- If you haven’t already, you should check out the kosher food scene in NOLA. Its mad good. All you people are in for a treat for how exquisite the meals truly are. The food’s taste, well it bonds all AWBers, both young and old.

8. The French Quarter- The French Quarter is one of most well renowned tourist destinations in all of the United States, and it does not let down. There is so much weird stuff to buy and eat that it can be overwhelming, so I’d recommend you bring a friend or two.

9. Chanukkah with YJ- The best present of my Chanukah will undoubtedly be getting to spend a week with some of the best people in the world. Also, it means extra prayers, which everyone loves.

10. Making a difference- Instead of going skiing or something, we have decided to help others. There is nothing cooler than that. When you get back from AWB, think about how much you have changed because of AWB because you challenged yourself both mentally and physically.

Brett Kleiman – Houston Texas


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