When: February 17-20th 2017

Where: Camp Will-A-Way, Winder, Georgia

Cost:  $375* after November 28th (flights are NOT included)

Additional Costs: $50 – for local Atlanta teens taking the bus

Questions: If you have any additional questions please contact the National Convention Team at yjconvention@youngjudaea.org or call 917-595-2100 x209. 

*Limited subsidies available by emailing yjconvention@youngjudaea.org

  1. Who is eligible to come to Midwinter Convention?

All 9-12th graders are invited to attend National Midwinter Convention 2017.

  1. What happens at National Midwinter Convention?

National Midwinter Convention is an annual gathering of Young Judaea’s participants, members and leaders to observe Shabbat together and learn about issues relevant to Judaism, Israel, Pluralism and Zionism. High quality Programming will be offered to all Jewish teens, regardless of their current or previous levels of involvement in Young Judaea.

  1. How do I register?

To register for National Midwinter Convention – CLICK HERE and choose National Midwinter Convention 2017 (If you already have an account on regpacks for Year Round Programs –i.e. AWB or a convention, please try and remember your account – call us on 917-595-2100 x209 for assistance).  Fill out the registration if you have not yet, choose the product and it should take you to a form. There is a space for travel – fill in what you can.

  1. When is the registration deadline and what must be submitted?

Our registration deadline is January 15th, 2017.  Beyond the application, the billing information, the consent and release forms will be e-mailed to registered participants and must be sent back by February 5th, 2017.

  1. Are subsidies available?

Yes, there are LIMITED subsidies available.  Please email yjconvention@youngjudaea.org to receive a subsidy request.  Please note that most subsidies will not be more than $50 – $100.

  1. What are the travel guidelines


There are three options for arrival to National Midwinter Convention:

All flights should arrive to ATLANTA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT between 9:00am – 12:30 PM EDT.

Drop off at


Drop off at the Camp Will-A-Way by 3:00pm


We will be doing volunteer service in Atlanta prior to departing.  Volunteering will end at approximately 2:30-3pm where buses will leave by 3:00PM at the latest and teens may be picked up in Atlanta (site to be determined).

Pick up from


Flights should depart from


  1. I can’t find flights that arrive within the times listed. Can I book something else?

  • NO! The schedule is precise and our time is limited.  All flights should fly in and out of Atlanta, arriving by 12:30pm at the latest on Friday the 17th and must depart after 5:30pm on Monday the 20th.

  • We must have enough time to arrive at camp by the time Shabbat comes in. Additionally, if a participant tries to book a flight that departs before 5:30pm Monday, February 20th, they will run the risk of not making his/her flight.

  1. What if I want to take the bus?

  • Friday, February 17th, 2017

Buses will depart from Atlanta International Airport (Spot to be determined) on Friday afternoon around 1pm (drop off is at 12:30 pm)

The second bus will depart from NYC – Asphalt Green 555 East 90th Street, NY NY 10128 at 12:45.  This bus will then go on to White Plains for a pick up at approximately 1:30pm – Greenburgh Shopping Center – 101 Knowlwood Rd. Wite Plains NY 10807.

  • Monday, February 20th, 2017

Both buses will leave Will-A-Way in the AM and go straight to the volunteering spot.  The buses will depart at approximately 2:30/3:00pm for the airport

Can I drive myself to convention?

To ensure the safety of our participants, while parents are welcomed to drive participants to/from convention, participants are strongly discouraged from driving to/from convention themselves.  If this is necessary, please contact the office at yjconvention@youngjudaea.org to request special permission

If I am being driven, what is the drop off time?

Participants who are being driven to the convention by a parent/guardian should arrive to Camp Will-A-Way e by 3pm on Friday the 17th.

Additional Questions

What is the educational theme of Midwinter?

Identity: Who are you? How does the world influence your Identity? Do aspects of your Identity conflict? Identity is something many people struggle with and the best place to figure out who you are is in an open and accepting community. Come contemplate life with new and old friends in Atlanta with Young Judaea! Explore who you are and your place in the world! National Midwinter 2017 can be this community for you! We’ll talk about everything from internal to external Identity, how we define ourselves and our connection to others and the world. Join us February 17-20th for an incredibly meaningful time of soul searching, great discussion, and four days of non-stop fun with your friends!

We have programming throughout the weekend that directly relates to your involvement with Young Judaea:

  • Tel Yehudah:

  • For New campers (from outside the Northeast): National Convention is a great opportunity to transition from your regional camp and for you and your camp friends to start getting to know who your new camp friends will be this summer with at TY!

  • For Returning TY: Our hope is that some of the programs from this weekend will actually be the foundation for the some of the programming at Tel Yehudah this summer.

  • For Havurah: One of our guests will be Andrew Rekhels coordinator of the Havurah program

  • For Hadracha Campers: One of the things we will be doing at National Midwinter Convention is debating and discussing some of the issues that Hadracha will engage with  this summer.

  • For Machon: We’re excited to have the a meeting of potential Machon teens at convention. Some of these participants that will plan the final Shabbat of Machon with the help of the current national Mazkirut. If you’re interested in participating in, or helping to lead, Machon, coming to National Convention is a great chance to get started!

  • For HS Seniors: Young Judaea camp staff will have time to interact with teens planning to work at camps this summer

  • For HS Seniors: We will also be dedicating time for our incoming Young Judaea Year Course participants to begin exploring what issues they want to organize and affect change around on Year Course.  A special guest at convention will be a current Year Course participant.What information will we receive before convention?

A few days before the weekend, we will send an information guide to all participants and their parents via e-mail.  Among more details regarding the programming for the weekend, it will contain the following relevant information:A complete packing list

Precise airport arrival and departure instructions, including a map of Newark Airport

Instructions for Parent drop off at the Atlanta International Airport, bus pick up locations and pick up/drop off procedures at Camp Will-A-Way

An itinerary for the convention and related background and educational materials and readings

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