Year Course maintains a highly qualified administrative and educational staff in Israel under the supervision of its director, Adam Jenshil.

Groups are staffed by qualified Israeli, American and British madrichim (group leaders). Madrichim are selected on the basis of their Jewish and Israeli backgrounds, experience in youth work, as well as emotional stability and maturity. Many of them are Year Course alumni. All American and British counselors are college graduates and all Israeli counselors have completed their required military service.

Year Course faculty have extensive experience in formal and/or informal education, have earned, minimally, an M.A. (with the exception of Ulpan teachers) and are approved by the American Jewish University (AJU).

Year Course Staff

Year Course Staff

The following are key members of the Year Course Staff:

Adam JenshilAdam Jenshil, Director of Education & Programs Department, is a long-serving member of the Young Judaea team. Adam brings two decades of cumulative involvement in Young Judaea and a successful history in growing programs to his position as Director of Year Course. Adam has held senior positions at the Federation of Zionist Youth (Young Judaea’s sister program in the UK), the Northeast region of Young Judaea in New Jersey, Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake and other departments. His international knowledge and experience in addition to his Zionist passion continues to invigorate a new era of creativity and teamwork, as Young Judaea looks to the future.  From 2006-2009, Adam was the director of the Short-Term Programs Department, overseeing high school age summer programs, Amirim and the Birthright track. He is married to former Year Course counselor, Dganit, they have 13 year old twins, Lee and Maya who are big sister and brother to three year old Ari and they live in Tzur Hadassah.

Kate Nachman, Director of Year Course, grew up in the New England region of Young Judaea. After programming for her club in Nashua, NH, she was regional Ofie/Tsofie programmer for the New England region. She worked at Camp Sprout Lake and attended Camp Tel Yehudah before going on Year Course in 1990-91. Kate spent her junior year abroad from Cornell University studying at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and interning for Young Judaea. After graduation, she worked as Year Course madricha (counselor) in 1995-96 before making Aliyah and founding Center Stage Theatre at Merkaz Hamagshimim Hadassah in Jerusalem, which she ran for 9 years. Kate was working as the Director of Admissions for Hebrew College until returning to Israel and to the Young Judaea professional family. Kate has 3 daughters who are 5th generation Hadassah life members. Kate and her family live in Jerusalem.


 Adina Navon, Rosh Tochnit (Program Manager) of Kedma, moved to Israel from the United States at the age of 18. After completing a year of national service, Ad
ina studied at Ben Gurion University and joined the Ayalim student association to help establish student volunteer communities in the Negev region. After completing her studies, Adina traveled to Rwanda to serve as the informal education coordinator at the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village. She formerly worked at The Abraham Fund Initiatives, a nonprofit organization that works to advance equality and coexistence among Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel. Adina also served as the coordinator for the Tikkun Olam Rwanda track for Year Course. Adina lives in Mazkeret Batya with her husband and son.


Daniella Avraham, Rosh Tochnit (Program Manager) of Yama, born in New York moved to Israel with her family just after 2nd grade. She grew up in Beit Shemesh and received her degree from Bar Ilan University in Psychology and Education Administration. Daniella is a licensed tour guide through the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Education with years of experiences leading trips, tours and camps in Israel. She started training to be a horseback riding therapist and was a Year Course madricha in 2007-2008. Daniella lives in Tzur Hadassah with her husband, daughter and dog.

Max Kopitchinski, Director of Specialty Programs and Israel Experience, was born in New York City and moved to Israel with his family when he was 6 years old. During his army service, he was an office in the Tanks unite as well as an instructor at the Officer training school. Before joining the Young Judaea team, Max was the Youth Director of the Ramat HaSharon Community Center and was a certified dog trainer. He currently lives in Hertzaliya Petuach with wife and son and has another baby on the way!

orit_ycOrit Segal, Director of Ulpan (The Hebrew Language Department) was born in Jerusalem. She earned a Master’s degree in Hebrew literature. Orit has been a part of the Young Judaea staff since 1999, teaching Hebrew. In 2005 she was appointed a member of the full time faculty, adding to her teaching repertoire a course on Israeli Cinema. In addition to teaching, Orit is also involved in curriculum development for advanced Hebrew language studies. Orit is married, the mother of three and lives in Jerusalem.

avi_ycDr. Avi Rose, Director of Education, was born in New York and raised in Winnipeg, Canada. A second generation Jewish educator, Avi’s parents and brothers are Rabbis and teachers. Avi holds a Bachelor’s degree in History, a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Toronto. Over the past twenty years he has served as a Jewish educator in Canada and Israel, teaching all age groups in formal and informal settings. In 2002 Avi participated in the Mandel School’s Jerusalem Fellows program, where he developed the concept of an arts-based Zionist Education. Since making aliyah in 2003, Avi has been a member of the Year Course staff and faculty. An author, lecturer and visual artist, Avi has participated in several group exhibitions, including at the Hadassah Art Gallery in November of 2009. He specializes in arts-based education and has been responsible for creating courses related to Jewish Art and Zionist/Hebrew culture. Avi is married to Binyamin, a psychotherapist, and lives in Jerusalem.

Jon Stone, Yama Madrich grew up in Morristown, New Jersey and studied Media, Culture and Communications at NYU. He is a longtime Judaean with years as a chanich and a madrich at Tel Yehudah under his belt as well as coming on Year Course in 2012. After graduating college, Jon took on an internship at the JDC here in Israel doing photography and will be staying in Israel next year studying at Yeshiva. Jon is also thinking about Aliyah and has a large YJ community to support him if he does!

omerOmer Drori, Kedma madricha, is very excited to start her 2nd year as a Madricha on YC! She is 22 years old, from Kibbutz Saad, is the oldest of 6 siblings, and she loves to sing! Before her army service she took a gap year herself and did a pre-army program in Jerusalem. Her job in the army was a commander of lone soldiers, and during her work with them she met some of our alumni. Ever since she finished her army service she has worked with us as a madricha: first on YC, then on Machon and now YC again!

 Aviv Toby, Yama Madrich, was born and raised in Tivon a city up north near Haifa. He was a paratrooper in the IDF and traveled through South America for 6 months as his big post-army tiyul. Aviv previously worked as a security guard and heard about Young Judaea through a friend that lived with Year Coursers during their Israel Experience semester in Bat Yam. Aviv has been accepted to Law School in Haifa and might pursue that as his path after Year Course.

AmitAmit Marko, Kedma madricha, comes from Moshav Haniel. In high school she focused on biology and economics. When she graduated she decided to do an additional preparatory year of studying education and social involvement before her military service. She was accepted to the “Mechinat Hanegev” program in Sde Boker. After the program she joined the military; first, as a commander in a training course and then she was promoted to train other commanders in leadership and t eaching. When she was discharged from the military in 2014 she worked at a dairy farm in order to save money for a 6 month backpacking trip through south and central America. Amit is the oldest of 4 in her family, likes hiking, horseback riding, and being around friends and family!

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