Specialty Options

Not only does Year Course allow you to customize your year by choosing classes and programs, we also offer specialty tracks and add-ons that give you the chance to make this year your own!

Specialty tracks give you the opportunity to form an intimate group of like-minded friends within the larger Year Course community and to enjoy extracurricular activities related to topics of your choice. You’ll meet with experts, participate in workshops, hear lectures and go on trips related to your track. Take a look at the Specialty tracks below and customize your year!

Business Track

  • Business main pageThe Business Track introduces business-minded students to the world of Israeli business and the Startup Nation in a fun and interactive way. Enrich your year by touring world-class companies like Google and Intel, learning from industry leaders, networking with entrepreneurs, participating in hands-on business workshops and visiting parts of Israel you wouldn’t normally be exposed to. You will attend conferences, hone your public speaking skills, and network with professionals in the field- and you can even earn an  extra three college credits!

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Tiyul - Outdoors Track

  • Tiyul Main PageGet to really know Israel- on foot! Tiyul means trip in Hebrew, which is exactly what this track is all about- on the Tiyul-Outdoors Track you will hike Israel’s most beautiful trails and explore the country with a group of outdoor lovers like yourself. During the year you will have an opportunity to go on many day hikes and overnight hikes, in addition to the standard hikes offered to the entire Year Course.

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Medical Track

  • medical main pageThe Medical Track will introduce you to the world of health and medicine in Israel. You’ll learn about Israel’s role as a global leader in medical practice, research, and technology. You’ll also participate in behind-the-scenes visits to Hadassah Medical Center, one of Israel’s leading medical facilities, as well as  other medical centers. You will have the option to receive special training to volunteer on ambulances with Magen David Adom, Israel’s life saving organization specializing in emergency treatment. In addition, you will be eligible to earn three extra college credits.

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Arts Track

  • Art Main PageIsrael is an ideal place to find inspiration and expression, and is home to several flourishing artist communities. This track will introduce you to the world of visual and performing arts in Israel.  Whether you’ve had experience in the performing or visual arts and are thinking of a future in the field or are just interested in expanding your knowledge of this field, this is an amazing track! You’ll visit museums and galleries, meet with Israeli artists, take workshops and classes, attend performances, complete projects and take part in the Israeli arts scene. You can earn three extra college credits.

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Sports Track

  • Sports main pageAre you into sports and exercise? This track focuses on three core themes: exercise, competition, and leadership. While on the Sports Track, you’ll train in Israel’s top facilities, learn from top professional Israeli coaches, get free membership to a gym, compete in team and individual sports, attend professional sporting events and meet with Israeli sports stars.

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Sound Track

  • Sound Main PageMusic in Israel is an integral part of the national identity. Beginning in the days of the pioneers, Hebrew songs and public sing-alongs were encouraged and supported by the establishment and this view of music as nation-building continues to this day. The Year Course Sound Track is designed to enable participants to develop their own musical skills, sing and perform as  part of their Israel experience while also being exposed to the vibrant music scene in Israel.  You'll work with a musical producer to create your own unique soundtrack, attend an array of tours and participate in hands on musical experiences throughout the year.

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Shabbat Package

  • Shabbat Main PageThe Shabbat Package presents a series of inspiring Shabbat and holiday experiences to add extra spice to your amazing year in Israel. This package is an addition to our regular program and offers a series of special opportunities to soak up some of Israel's spiritual treasures!

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Tikkun Olam: Rwanda

  • Rwanda main pageYou have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend three weeks at the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village in Rwanda! Volunteer with orphans and at-risk youth, learn about Rwandan history and culture, visit some of the most beautiful sights in Eastern Africa and build a deeper understanding of the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam  (healing the world) as you both study and live it.

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Olami: Trips Around The World

  • Explore the world with Olami! Through our special  trips to Greece and Morocco, you will experience local Jewry, explore historic and beautiful sites around the world, and travel with your Year Course friends!

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Kuma: A Journey To Poland

  • See first-hand the tragedies surrounding the Holocaust on this 1-week journey to Poland. Through this trip, participants will understand our responsibility as young Jews today towards the world in which we live. Participants will look at the events surrounding the Holocaust through a Zionist prism, explore the rich heritage of Eastern European Jewry, bear witness to the tragedy and look towards the future.

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