Tel Aviv-Yafo is Young Judaea’s most recent home! Beginning in 2017, it is now the location of Year Courser’s Israel Experience. Our center is centrally-located in the Montefiore neighborhood, just a 10-minute walk from the famous Sarona market and neighborhood and Azrieli Mall, and a 15-minute walk from the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Rothschild Boulevard, and Habima Square.

As the cultural and economic capital of Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo is also the top choice for many international conferences, concerts, cultural events, and celebrations! Its beautiful beaches and promenade are widely considered some of the world’s best, and Tel Aviv-Yafo is fast becoming a global culinary hotspot.

In addition to the multiple volunteering options (described below), Year Course organizes weekly trips to historical sites in Tel Aviv-Yafo and throughout the country, providing ample opportunity for participants to discover their own Israel.

The Tel Aviv-Yafo section of Year Course allows participants the opportunity to choose between five exciting ways to volunteer.


Choose from one of Young Judaea’s many volunteering locations in Tel Aviv-Yafo including elementary and middle schools, soup kitchens, retirement homes, community gardens, and various nonprofit organizations like Save a Child’s Heart, The Rape Crisis Center and teaching refugees English. In addition to volunteering, Year Coursers volunteering in Tel Aviv-Yafo will take part in Ulpan classes, a service learning course, an activism project and other activities led by the staff.

MADA (Magen David Adom)

MADA is Israel’s medical rescue organization. Participants who are accepted to MADA have the opportunity to be professionally trained as first aid providers and volunteer on Israeli ambulances.  Participants go on calls to give first aid to Israelis in distress.

Getting into MADA requires filling online application forms, having all required vaccinations, a basic level of conversational Hebrew and passing an interview. 10-12 Chanichim each semester can volunteer with MADA.

The course is 10 days long and it takes place on the Kiryat Moria campus in Jerusalem. The course is full board and chanichim stay there for the entire time. Upon returning to Tel Aviv-Yafo, the volunteers begin their 5 week minimum (sometimes longer, depending on MADA station's availability) volunteer period. The shifts are 8 hours, 7AM – 3PM, 3PM – 11PM, 11PM – 7AM, The work week is a minimum of 5 shifts. Our participants mostly are given morning and evening shifts and are expected to participate in Ulpan classes and other activities during the afternoon.

Want to know more about volunteering with MADA? Click here!


Kibbutz Ketura

Kibbutz Ketura, established by Young Judaeans in 1973 has been a major source of personal growth and fond memories for Year Coursers over the past 40 years. Current Year Coursers can get a taste of traditional kibbutznik life during 2 months at Kibbutz Ketura. They will experience communal decision making and gain a different sense of familial responsibility They will volunteer in the kitchens, dining halls and laundry rooms alongside Kibbutz members, Israeli scouts and international visitors. Local host families will also play a major role in their daily lives illustrating how they take the founding values of Young Judaea and apply them into their daily life.


Marva is a physically and emotionally challenging two-month army experience program. Marva offers participants the opportunity to experience life as an Israeli soldier with young Jews from all over the world, while learning survival skills, field training, self-defense, topography and navigation, and meeting Israeli soldiers while hiking and touring throughout the country. All levels of Hebrew are welcome.

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Yemin Orde Youth Village

Yemin Orde is one of the first Youth Villages established in Israel.  Located in the beautiful Carmel Mountains, Yemin Orde is the home to 400 high school students who are new immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union.  The village operates as a modern-orthodox village even though many of the students do not come from observant homes. The village is their school, full-time home and family.

The village is looking for true Zionists to be role models, mentors and coaches to new immigrants and underprivileged high school students. Morning volunteering is spent on one of the various parts of the village (The ecological farm, the kitchen, the school, the kindergarten etc) while the late afternoon is dedicated to informal time with a group of students each volunteer is assigned to.

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Sample Weekly Schedule

Here is a sample weekly schedule for the Tel Aviv-Yafo Semester:

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