Month-Long Options

YavneKibbutz Ketura

Spend a month on Kibbutz Ketura, a 'Young Judaean' Kibbutz that operates on a communal system.  You will have the opportunity to work in a field, animal barn, bike repair shop, garden, or kitchen while immersing yourself in Kibbutz life.


Tel Aviv-Yafo Internship or Volunteering

Choose from one of Young Judaea’s many volunteering connections or work with the program to find an internship.  Volunteer and internship placements include working with African asylum seekers, the Rape Crisis Center, Save a Child's Heart, and in a community garden.

jruvolunJerusalem Internship or Volunteering

Volunteer or intern in the field of your choice while living in Young Judaea’s Beit Ar El campus and exploring the beauty of Jerusalem.  In the past Year Course participants have worked with Presentense, JVP, The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, local schools, Yad Lakashish and many other organizations.


Week-Long Options

aSea-to-Sea – Spend five days hiking with your friends from the Mediterranean to the Galilee, passing crusader ruins and waterfalls on your way through Northern Israel.

bDesert Trek – Hike through parts of the Israel Trail (link) in the Negev Desert and learn desert survival.


Nitzana Educational Youth Village - Take a week at the Nitzana educational youth village in the

Southwestern Negev learning how to track animals, navigate, and survive the desert all while taking a desert bike ride, visiting a solar energy center, having group barbeques and swimming in the Nitzana pool.



dA Taste of Israeli Nature - Enjoy 5 days of outdoor nature with the JNF (link)! The mornings will be dedicated to hiking and working in the outdoors- Archeological dig, forest work, etc, and after lunch explore some of the JNF sites and learn about ecological Zionism today by visiting tourist attractions around the country: A bike ride in the Nitzana area, fruit picking at "Shvil Hasalat"(The Salad Trail), a visit to "Yad Lashiryon," and ecological workshops at Kibbutz Cramim and more.


Hava & Adam Farm Learn about sustainability at this multidisciplinary center for environmental and social education located next to the city of Modi'in.  Meet young people from across the world and gain practical experience at an ecological farm.

fKibbutz Ketura Join a week-long seminar about pluralism, Judaism, Zionism, and Environmentalism in the Arava Valley at Kibbutz Ketura, founded by Young Judea alumni.  The program includes a tour of the Kibbutz, Eilat Mountain hike, desert art and mud building workshops, desert solo experience, downtime by the pool, a tour of the renewable energy park, a swim in the Red Sea and more.


Surfing - Spend 5 days on the beach of Tel Aviv with a group of friends learning how to surf like a pro! The course will include full gear, guides, some dry practicing and LOTS of time surfing the waves.

Social Justice


Beit Rutenberg - Attend a seminar devoted to social justice and media communication at the Rutenberg Institute in Haifa.

Activism Seminar – Participate in a week of educational activities, siyurim (tours), and speakers, including the Prime Minister’s Spokesman and a leader of the 2011 social protests, focusing on current Israeli issues and leadership skills relevant to social activism.



Jewish Ecological Values -
Explore different ecological perspectives through visits to sites and experts around Jerusalem.

The Many Faces of Israel

aaaaCoexistence Seminar – Get to know the Arab community, learn about Arab culture,  and meet Arab teens and community leaders for activities about coexistence and life for Israeli Arabs at Givat Haviva.


Taste of Yeshiva/Midrasha Get a taste of the world of Jewish seminary study by spending a week in the Aish Hatorah “Essentials” program (for boys) or the Midreshet Rachel v’Chaya “Pathways Plus” program (for girls.)


Mystical Tzfat – Live in the holy city of Tzfat with "Livnot U'lehibanot" program, hiking, exploring Judaism and volunteering in the beautiful landscapes of the Galilee Mountains.

Gadna - Go through IDF basic training in the special GADNA program experienced by most Israeli high school students. You will live the life of an Israeli Soldier in uniform on a real IDF base.  Activities include shooting range practice, self-defense, camouflage, navigation, and field exercises.


SarelHelp the Israeli Army by working on a base in a logistical role.  This long-standing program helps save the IDF resources and gives you the opportunity to connect with Israeli soldiers on a personal level.

Art and Expression


Photography - Take an intensive course at the new photography workshop at the Hutsot HaYotser artist colony in Jerusalem with Yaal Herman, an active professional artist and experienced teacher.

Art Workshop - Explore your inner artist through daily workshops containing museum tours, practical lessons, and hands on studio time in the media including puppet making, pottery, and more.

Academic Options

*these options provide opportunities for academic credits*


Basic Jewish Concepts Seminar (2 credits) - This seminar will explore some of the essential life questions from a Jewish perspective through reading, discussions, siyurim (tours), and guest speakers.  Some questions include, What is spirituality?  What is ethical eating?  What obligation does one have towards a fellow human being?  What is my responsibility towards the environment?  How should I care for my body? 

Israeli Society Seminar (2 credits) - This seminar will examine current Israeli society with a look at culture and primary in order to gain a deeper understanding of the fabric of Israeli Society through reading, discussion, siyurim (tours), and guest speakers.

Experiential Hebrew Seminar (2 credits) – Intermediate Hebrew speakers will improve their Hebrew through an immersion program that will include a walking tour of Jerusalem neighborhoods, watching and discussing Israeli movies, going to Israeli restaurants, cooking, hiking, and writing.

Special Trips

 dfTrip to Greece* - Visit Greece, home to a two thousand year old Jewish community, largely consisting of emigrants from Inquisition Spain.  Greece’s Jews have a long rich history and left an indelible mark on their surroundings, including Ottoman Empire.   The trip follows this remarkable story while traveling Greece’s dramatic mountains, beautiful sandy beaches and Hellenistic culture museums and even meeting with local Jewish students.

*The Year Course Greece trip for
Year Course 2017-2018 costs $2600 for 7 days.

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