We have over 7,000 Year Course alumni that have gone to hundreds of schools in the US, Canada, the UK and Israel. We would be happy to try to connect you to an alumnus from your top school of choice! Schools that our students have gone to include but are not limited to:

George Washington University                                            McGill University
Tufts University                                                                       UC Schools
New York University                                                              SUNY and CUNY Schools
Emory University                                                                    Brandeis University
Tulane University                                                                    Duke University
University of Texas                                                                 Cornell University
Syracuse University                                                                University of Pennsylvania
University of Michigan                                                           Ohio State University
Rutgers University                                                                  University of Maryland
University of Bristol                                                                University of Guelph
Tel Aviv University                                                                  Boston University
The Hebrew University                                                          University of Nottingham

American Jewish University

Young Judaea Year Course provides an academic program in partnership with the American Jewish University College in Israel. The American Jewish University’s main campus is located in Los Angeles and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), one of six regional accrediting associations in the United States.

All of our local courses and academic faculty meet the standards set by the American Jewish University/WASC and are supervised by the senior staff members of Young Judaea Israel.

How to Earn Credits

Students must be accepted to the American Jewish University in order to receive academic credit while on Young Judaea Year Course. This is done during the process of applying for Young Judaea Year Course, prior to arrival in Israel by submitting a formal and final high school transcript to AJU.

In order to be accepted by AJU, the student must have a minimum high school GPA average of 2.0.

Transferring Credits to Your School Post-Year Course

Each college/university has their own policy and procedure when it comes to transferring credits. Check in with your school to learn about their policy!

You can do this by looking at their website or connecting directly with one of the admissions counselors.  If you need Year Course to write a letter to your school indicating that you will be coming on Year Course, we will happily do that as long as you are an official applicant which means that you have submitted at a minimum, the $100 Year Course application fee.

We have seen students transfer anywhere from 0-42 credits before.

Once you complete Year Course, you can request your transcript from AJU by clicking here or the link below:


Courses Offered

The number of academic credits that a student is eligible to receive depends on their choice of courses and academic status for each course. Students can choose to audit any course, though attendance is mandatory for all students in certain courses.

We operate two academic terms on our two regional campuses in Tel Aviv-Yafo and Jerusalem. Hebrew Language instruction takes place on both campuses, as do travel/study based courses.

Students select their courses when they get to Israel.

In Jerusalem:

· Hebrew (HEB 100 or 200) : 5-6 credits
· Zionism (HIS 170): 4 credits
· Jerusalem: City of Faith (HIS 111): 3 credits
· Power of Persuasion (HIS 130):  4 credits

You will be required to choose one from the following Jewish Studies Courses:
· God Talk (JST 104) : 3 credits
· Women in Judaism (JST 130) : 3 credits
· Beit Midrash (PHL 144) : 3 credits

In addition, you will have the option to take the following Courses:
· Jewish and Holocaust Film (LCM 102) : 3 credits
· College Writing : 3 credits
· Jewish Thinkers, Ideas and Texts (JST 145) : 3 credits

In Tel Aviv-Yafo:

· Hebrew (HEB 100 or 200) : 5-6 credits
· Service Learning (SOC 110) : 3 credits
· Issues in Contemporary Israeli Society (SOC 178) : 3 credit

Additional Credit Opportunities:

· Morocco: 1 credit
· Greece: 1 credit
· Rwanda: 3 credits
· Poland: 1 credit
· All Specialty Tracks: 3 credits
· Special Interest Month Intensive Courses: # of credits and subjects change each year

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