“Torah im derech eretz”
Mishna Tractate Avoth (2:2)

Tochnit Shalem is an exclusive nine month post-high school co-ed yeshiva program for Torah observant young adults who want to contribute to Israeli society. Run as special track within Young Judaea Year Course in Israel, Shalem is all about learning intensely and living fervently in the Jewish state as you become an integral part of Klal Yisrael.

Through study of essential Torah principles, volunteer work that emphasizes textual learning, and travel throughout the country, you will have the opportunity to explore your heritage, hone your leadership skills, and grow your identity as a religiously and socially conscious Jew. Plus, you’ll live among Israelis, work alongside Jews of myriad backgrounds, and form friendships and memories to last a lifetime.


Tochnit Shalem

A modern Orthodox track in the Young Judaea Year Course in Israel gap year program with an emphasis on volunteering and serving the community.

Ages: Recent high school graduates ages 17-19
Locations: Jerusalem and Kibbutz Yavneh


Nine Months


Rebecca Haberman at
917-595-2100 x211