Intern Tel Aviv

On WUJS Intern Tel Aviv, you’ll combine a tailor-made professional internship in a field of your choice with the additional benefits of a regular Ulpan (Hebrew language) Course, weekly field trips, overnight hikes, meetings with Israeli peers, and a variety of fun and enriching activities.

You’ll live in apartments in fashionable South Tel-Aviv and intern in almost any area of industry and commerce, public and private sector, art and culture, hi-tech, politics and much more. This is a great opportunity for you to enhance your resume and live like an independent Israeli, all within a warm yet dynamic environment and supported by professional and experienced staff.

The Internship

Prior to your arrival to Israel, a member of the WUJS staff will contact you to discuss your resume and areas of interest. Following that, you’ll receive a choice of possible internship placements that meet your skills and interests from which to choose your five month internship. Please note that acceptance to an internship is often dependent on your experience and qualifications. In addition, those who have a good command of the Hebrew language will have more options available to them. As a participant on WUJS Intern Tel Aviv, you’ll be required to intern 25-30 hours a week.


For more information about WUJS Intern Tel Aviv and to learn more about your tailor-made internship, contact our enrollment team at

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