Tel Aviv

Internationally known as a vibrant city for nightlife, culture, and shopping, Tel Aviv is also considered one of the greenest cities in Israel. Our apartments are located in the hip Florentine neighborhood. Click here to see the map of Tel Aviv.

Bat Yam

Bat Yam is a suburb of Tel Aviv, located right on the beach! The city has a new boardwalk and shops and cafés and many busses straight into Tel Aviv. Living within this community where you will also be volunteering give you the opportunity to see your impact. Click here to see the map of Bat Yam


You will get a taste of what it feels like to live like a local in fully-furnished modern Israeli apartments, close to restaurants, stores, bars and nightlife. All of the apartments are within walking distance from one another. There will be two to four bedrooms per apartment with a kitchen, bathroom and living room/dining room.  There will be no more than two participants per room. The apartments have beds, mattresses, pillows, blankets, linens, and towels.  The common space has a sofa, dining room table, chairs and a coffee table.  The kitchens are fully equipped with all major appliances, table and chairs, and cutlery and cookware. There will be WIFI access throughout the apartment.

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