WUJS Arts Tel Aviv

WUJS Arts Track Tel Aviv caters to all artists, including writers, musicians, performers, photographers, painters, filmmakers, animators, etc.

Get excited! Tel Aviv, is cutting edge in every way. Not only is Tel Aviv one of the most eclectic, dynamic cities to live in worldwide, but for artists it is truly alive with bountiful opportunities to ignite your creativity and imagination.

You’ll spend two days a week exploring and developing your own artwork independently which will be presented at the end of the program in a special public exhibition.   An art coordinator will be assigned to help guide you throughout your five month program towards your final exhibition and meet with you once a week to introduce you to different aspects of Israeli Art (cinema, dance, design, plastic art and more). You'll get to see parts of Tel Aviv that are seriously off the beaten track and meet some of the cities leading artists along the way.

In addition you'll intern twice a week in your chosen field giving you essential experience in the financial, business, logistic, theoretical, educational and other aspects.  (Placement options include, art Galleries, exhibitions, dance centers, film studios etc.)

The WUJS Arts Internship

Many artists ask themselves, how can they combine their artistic passion and talent with a professional career? WUJS Arts internships are tailor-made for you to guarantee career advancement and personal satisfaction.

Prior to your arrival to Israel, you’ll receive personalized guidance from a member of the WUJS staff, who will help you choose the internship placement that best meets your interests.

Please note that acceptance to an internship is often dependent on your experience and qualifications. In addition, those who have a good command of the Hebrew language will have more options available to them.

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