Best of luck to the National Mazkirut of 2015-2016

Ben Rosenbaum – Young Judaea Year Course

Salo Levy – Young Judaea Year Course

Kayla Taus – Young Judaea Year Course

Emily Kokush – UNC




Rebecca "Tauber" Tauber: National Administrative Vice President - Philadelphia, PA

Personal Tagline: Hit me up on Quizlet!

Why I am involved with Young Judaea: My first involvement in JY was at Sprout, where I had the best summers and made my closest friends. From there I went to TY and got involved in year-round programming. Overall, I am involved for the people, the experiences, and the community.

My favorite Young Judaea experience: Shabbat at camp! As a horribly uncoordinated person, rikud is the only time I don't embarrass myself dancing.

Things I love, besides Israel: Trader Joe's, Benjamin Franklin, rain, avocado toast, my mom's cooking, and Hozier.

Things that drive me crazy: When people accidentally call me Rachel, my alarm clock, poorly formatted google-docs, and wet socks.

Ask me about: Being a coxswain, good books, my dog, living in Philly, and whether maple syrup is a condiment.

Ben Rosenbaum: National Bogrim Programmer - Mamaroneck, NY

Personal Tagline: I really love peulot!

Why I am involved in Young Judaea: I have gained tremendous leadership skills and leadership experiences, and I have learned a lot about Israel and Zionism, as well as how to discuss Israel with others. The experiences I’ve had in Young Judaea have been some of the most influential in my life.

My favorite Young Judaea experience: AWB Los Angeles 2015. I got to cook food for charity, which I love to do, and I got to have serious, meaningful conversations with people experiencing homelessness. I also bonded a lot with other Judaeans on AWB while changing the world.

Things I love, besides Israel: Coffee, learning new things, cats, and Netflix.

Things that drive me crazy: People who don’t use common sense, my cat allergy, and rooms that are made too hot just because it’s cold outside.

Ask me about: Why going from the bottom up is the best way to eat an apple, why AWB is the best way to spend winter break, and anything historical or political.

Salomon "Salo" Levy: National Ofarim/Tzofim Programmer - Miami, Florida

Personal Tagline: Find me on soundcloud

Why I am Involved with Young Judaea: YJ has been very important to me growing up. My sister, Sydney Levy, got me to go to Camp Judaea. This led to me going to TY, and going on year round programs. Due to the immense amount of fun I had at these events I decided I wanted to be a leader. YJ has helped me become more of a leader.

My Favorite Young Judaea Experience: Hadracha year: Gimmel: My whole cabin saw a small rock in the ground at our campsite. So, us teenage boys decided to dig it up. Noticing that it grew bigger and bigger we made it our goal to get it out of the ground. After an hour of digging we finally got the rock out. Probably one of the greatest moments of my life.

Things I love, Besides Israel: music and sporks. (Nothing is better than multi use silverware)

Things that Drive me Crazy: when people draw on me with there pens. I don't understand why they think I am paper.

Ask me About: Music, My souncloud, what I wanna do with my life, what fishing know I recommend, Chicago Med, and anything that has to do with the Dolphins.


Kayla Taus: National Pirsum - New York, NY

Personal Tagline: Small but mighty!

Why I am Involved with Young Judaea: My mom went to Tel Yehudah and ran YJ clubs when she was younger and wanted me to have a similar experience

My Favorite Young Judaea Experience: Having the opportunity to work at Sprout Lake last summer because not only did I become a stronger leader in the YJ community, I met some incredible campers.

Things I love, Besides Israel: Mac and Cheese; chicken fingers and anything with chocolate and peanut butter.

Things that Drive me Crazy: As weird as this may sound - the insides of cucumbers and tomotoes.

Ask me About: The best food places in NYC!

Emily Kokush: Havurah Representative - Oakland, NJ

Personal Tagline: You can do anything, but not everything.

Why I am Involved with Young Judaea: I love the people, I love the traditions, I love the community, and I love everything YJ taught me about myself and the world.

My Favorite Young Judaea Experience: My favorite Young Judaea experience would have to be being a camper at TY in Havurah. Whether it was Havdallah, Rikkud, and Noah Wilker on Saturday night, Maccabia, or just sitting with my friends on the Bet grass, every minute of camp I felt part of a unique, welcoming community with some of my best friends in the world.

Things I love, Besides Israel: Netflix, blinchiki (crepes in Russian), ice cream, scenic nature walks, cuddling with my 4 month old puppy, sleeping, organization, to-do lists, rainy days that remind me of camp, good hair days, catching up with old friends, playing tennis, breakfast

Things that Drive Me Crazy: people that aren’t thankful for what they have, people who drive/walk slowly in front of me, when people interrupt me, forgetting my train of thought, the process of straightening my hair, snow days on weekends, small talk

Ask Me About: How to say things in Russian, what it’s like in an operating room, what Havurah is and why it’s important

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