Interested in Running for Young Judaea National Mazkirut (Teen Board) for 2014-2015?

National Mazkirut 13-14YJ President Edward Berman with Honorary YJ President Harry Truman

Thanks for considering joining our century old tradition of peer leadership through serving on the National Mazkirut (teen board) to support Young Judaea, its leaders and programs.

Our goal is to make sure that all candidates are supported and guided in their decision whether or not and for which tafkid (position) to run.  Here is a sketch of the relevant details and deadlines in the process.

If you have any questions email us at

By December 1st - Fill out the online “Running for Mazkirut” Form

By December 15th

By January 5th, the National Mazkirut will get in touch with you to schedule a preliminary advisory board via Google+ Hangout. Afterwards, the National Mazkirut will give you a first tentative recommendation.

On January 6th you will receive the full National Mazkirut application, including:

      • A typed up 1 paragraph biography for YJ distribution

      • 2 recommendations; 1 from a YJ staff member and 1 from a YJ peer

      • 1 original op-ed piece between 300-500 words, speaking to one of the following questions

        • I am a Zionist because...

        • I want to make Israel better by...

        • Today’s greatest challenge for the Jewish People is...

      • The Mazkirut 2014-2015 expectations document, signed by you and a parent/guardian

      • A 2-minute YouTube video explaining your platform

The Full Application is due no later than January 26th.

You will receive an updated advisory board recommendation by February 4th.

On February 6th, a Special “Candidates’ Edition” of the Kol Hatnua will be published and distributed with candidate bios, essays, and linked YouTube videos.

At LionFest, there will be a short follow-up discussion before a final advisory board recommendation is decided, which will be shared with the candidate and with the Asepha voting body.

At Asepha on Sunday evening at LionFest, you will give a 1 minute overview of your platform


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